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Meet the Intern: Spencer Hogan


My name is Spencer Hogan and I’m currently a Sophomore at Marist College studying Business Administration/Finance and Economics. I also have a minor in History, linked directly to my goal as an intern at the Hudson River Valley Institute: to expand on the research I have previously done on this region, which I have called home for my entire life. Hailing from Middletown, NY, I am a proud graduate of Middletown High School and lifelong admirer of Orange County’s vast collection of historic sites and stories.

My passion for history came to the forefront with a very personal discovery about a year ago: my family had unearthed a trunk that we quickly realized was used by my grandfather on a 3 month long trip to Western Europe after the Second World War as part of a cohort of American graduate students in a program entitled “The Marshall Plan in Action.” He met with government and industrial development leaders in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, West Germany, Luxembourg and France, and kept records of each day with what we believe were intentions of creating a scrapbook. None of us knew much about his remarkable journey until our recent discovery, but seventy years later, I have now started work on that scrapbook in my spare time.

I’ve always enjoyed photography (mainly landscapes) and have had my work recognized by the New York State Art Teachers Association and Scholastic Publishing, with four “Gold Keys” in their Art and Writing Awards for the region. This ties in directly with my fondness for travel with my family, giving me the opportunity to photograph some of the most awe-inspiring sights across the world.

I am currently the President of the Marist College Business Club and an active member of the Honors Program. Honors at Marist has allowed me to take unique seminars that have piqued my interest, including “Why Nations Fail,” “Did It Happen Again? The Great Recession and the Great Depression,” and “The Evolution of Money and Banking.”

During my internship at the HRVI, my focus will be on “hidden history” in Orange County, particularly relating to a campsite in ruins within Highland Lakes State Park just outside of Middletown, for which I have obtained a collection of original records. After graduating from Marist, I plan to pursue a career relating to financial services or management, while certainly keeping my interest in history (particularly local history and genealogy) with me for a lifetime of research and enjoyment.

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