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Meet the Intern: Sean Hayden

I’m a senior Business marketing major/ History minor here at Marist College, originally from Stratford, Connecticut, which is on the coast of the Long Island Sound. My sister Kellie is a Marist Alumna, which was a considerable factor in my decision to enroll at the college, and the last three and a half years have been an incredible journey.


As a Business major, I am often presented with questions such as “Why do you also study history? What does that have to do with business?” When asked, I am quick to offer two responses, the first being that I simply have a love and passion for History! Ever since grade school, I was always the student that was deeply invested in the world’s interesting, chaotic, and occasionally dark past, as well as constantly analyzing and questioning the events of Earth’s timeline. This interest in understanding the past led me to minor in history, a decision that I am thankful for as it has greatly expanded my knowledge, along with presenting me fabulous opportunities such as interning at the HRVI.

The second response I give to the “why history?” question is my belief that understanding and interpreting the past can help an individual in business project future trends and make educated predictions. Furthermore, understanding the vast amount of mistakes made in history that involve business can be studied, with their consequences interpreted, and people of the future can learn from these mistakes. Basically, I find history fun, and I believe that it will help me be the best entrepreneur that I can be!

Outside of my studies, one of my main interests is following sports, New York sports in particular. I am a fan of Football, Baseball, and Basketball, with my teams of choice being the Giants, Mets, and Knicks. I try to watch as many games as possible, and typically try to go to at least one game per season in each sport. I’m also always eager to play a pick-up game of basketball or football with my friends.

One of my other hobbies that fills my free time is playing video games. I received a Gameboy Color when I was five years old, which was the catalyst for my love of video games that still continues today. As of late, I’ve been loving the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A few of my all-time favorites are Super Smash Brothers, Resident Evil 4, and The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

Along with sports and video games, I am an avid film watcher. My favorite director is Quentin Tarantino; Pulp Fiction & Inglorious Basterds are tied for my all-time favorite film. In my opinion, his eye for cinematography and ability to write intertwining storylines are unparalleled.  Some of my other favorite movies are The Shining, Hot Fuzz and Deadpool.

I hope this introduction of me gave you a clear sense of who I am, what I like, and how much I like history. I look forward to contributing material to the Hudson River Valley Review!

Meet the Intern: Spencer Hogan


My name is Spencer Hogan and I’m currently a Sophomore at Marist College studying Business Administration/Finance and Economics. I also have a minor in History, linked directly to my goal as an intern at the Hudson River Valley Institute: to expand on the research I have previously done on this region, which I have called home for my entire life. Hailing from Middletown, NY, I am a proud graduate of Middletown High School and lifelong admirer of Orange County’s vast collection of historic sites and stories.

My passion for history came to the forefront with a very personal discovery about a year ago: my family had unearthed a trunk that we quickly realized was used by my grandfather on a 3 month long trip to Western Europe after the Second World War as part of a cohort of American graduate students in a program entitled “The Marshall Plan in Action.” He met with government and industrial development leaders in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, West Germany, Luxembourg and France, and kept records of each day with what we believe were intentions of creating a scrapbook. None of us knew much about his remarkable journey until our recent discovery, but seventy years later, I have now started work on that scrapbook in my spare time.

I’ve always enjoyed photography (mainly landscapes) and have had my work recognized by the New York State Art Teachers Association and Scholastic Publishing, with four “Gold Keys” in their Art and Writing Awards for the region. This ties in directly with my fondness for travel with my family, giving me the opportunity to photograph some of the most awe-inspiring sights across the world.

I am currently the President of the Marist College Business Club and an active member of the Honors Program. Honors at Marist has allowed me to take unique seminars that have piqued my interest, including “Why Nations Fail,” “Did It Happen Again? The Great Recession and the Great Depression,” and “The Evolution of Money and Banking.”

During my internship at the HRVI, my focus will be on “hidden history” in Orange County, particularly relating to a campsite in ruins within Highland Lakes State Park just outside of Middletown, for which I have obtained a collection of original records. After graduating from Marist, I plan to pursue a career relating to financial services or management, while certainly keeping my interest in history (particularly local history and genealogy) with me for a lifetime of research and enjoyment.

Meet the Intern: Henry Borum

Henry was born in Annapolis, Maryland, but has since grown up in LaGrangeville, New York. He graduated from Arlington High School in 2014. While a student there, he was active in the Arlington Soccer program as well as the Debate Club and the Arlington Model Congress.


Coming from a largely military family, he was strongly influenced to join the military. Henry attended Boston College for his freshman and sophomore years on an Army ROTC scholarship. He decided to pursue ROTC in conjunction with his twin brother, who attended Boston College as well. Boston College was a great, broadening experience for Henry, but after two years he sought an educational experience that fir him better. This is what he found when he and his brother transferred to Marist College for their junior years in Fall of 2016. Shortly after arriving on campus, Henry knew that this was the place for him. The study of history, continuing ROTC, and the relationships that he’s made have made Marist a positive experience.

When Henry is not studying history, or waking up too early to run around campus, he loves playing video games. He has three different game consoles in his dorm room for purposes of variety, although he is partial to PlayStation over Xbox. Henry is also fairly confident that he is the world’s greatest Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, and counts seeing them in concert as one of his biggest accomplishments. One would not be surprised with what he picks for the next song on a long road trip.

Although he played basketball and soccer throughout high school, Henry’s favorite sport is football. As a Giants fan, the 2018 season has been a true test of faith. Loving to spend time with his family, Henry enjoys being close to home at Marist, as well as living with his brother at school.

Now a senior, and in the ROTC program, Henry is set to graduate, as well as commission into the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Spring of 2018. He will become an active duty Air Defense Artillery Officer. At this point in time, a career in the Army is what he aspires to. However, beyond that, Henry is interested in incorporating the possibilities of graduate school, or law school as means to diversify his education and further his career. His background in history gives him a strong skill set and basis of knowledge for a wide range of opportunities that he may wish to take advantage of.

No matter what the future holds for Henry as an individual, he hopes that he can be a leader and provide service to the benefit of others.