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David Wagner, painter of the W3R, honored by France

david-wagnerDavid R. Wagner, a lifelong resident of Scotland, Connecticut, attended the Black Hills Teachers College and the University of Connecticut and received a degree in history from Eastern Connecticut State College. A self-taught and versatile artist, Mr. Wagner’s media include
acrylic on canvas paintings and pen and ink illustrations. His subjects include portraits, still-lifes, landscapes, Native American scenes, and representations of historical events, most notably his historical series depicting the activities of the French and Continental Armies during the American Revolution and a collection of 102 paintings depicting
the history of the Eastern Woodland peoples, commissioned by the Mohegan Tribe in Uncasville, Connecticut. The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route collection covers all nine states and the District of Columbia traversed by the armies of Generals Washington and Rochambeau during their campaigns and numbers well over 100

The 77-year-old Wagner is also the recipient of the National Order of Merit from France for his series titled, “The Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route.”


The Institute has a number of Mr. Wagner’s paintings in its Bumpus Collection. We purchased them in order to promote the Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail (W3R) and to interpret through art the importance of the contribution of the French Expèdition Particulière to America’s independence. A guide to this collection is available online.

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