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Meet the Intern: Dominic Sloma


Hello, my name is Dominic Sloma.  I am a senior History Major at Marist College, and will be interning at the Hudson Valley River Institute for the fall semester.  I am looking forward to diving deeper and help out the Hudson Valley River Institute’s mission.  I am from Niskayuna, NY and being from the Hudson Valley, I have always appreciated the history throughout the area.  My interest in New York State history has been passed down from my father who works for the NYS archives in Albany.

I have had an interest in knowing more about the state and the history of sports, military, and ethnic backgrounds and how these pertain and have shaped New York to what it is today.  I am a former lacrosse player here at Marist, and a currently on the Marist’s club soccer team.  My love for athletics and the outdoors has made me always attempting to travel around the Hudson Valley region and really take in what is all around historically.

After college, I hope can give back to the community and lend a hand.  I aspire to become either a firefighter or a police officer, with possibly joining the National Guard.  I have always looked up to those risk their lives on a daily basis for the protection and freedom we are able to have every day.  Both my parents were in the army, and my family has roots spread around the country in law enforcement, so these have had factors on me as well.  I also hope I can get involved with youth groups and sports, to give kids wherever I am located an outlet to be able to obtain their goals and using sports and education to further their education, as I was able to do.  I hope I can be able to offer a hand on the projects the Institute does here, and can’t wait to get started.

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