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Meet the Intern: Reagan Walker

Reagan_WalkerHello! I am Reagan Walker and I will be working with the HRVI this semester. I am a senior at Marist College studying Adolescent Education and History. I hope to incorporate both of my fields of study into my time here at HRVI to enhance the experience of both myself, and hopefully any of my readers. Originally, I am from Fairfield, CT, an area with a great deal of history itself. Between colonization, battles against the British, and witch-hunts, Fairfield is the place where I realized my passion for history, and the Hudson River Valley is where I have come to pursue it. Growing up I have always been a “nerd” for history. Even though I have always known that teaching was the profession for me, history was always in the background, and I knew it was something I had to pursue further in life. Marist and HRVI give me the opportunity to do just that. My studies have completely changed the way I think about our human race, both past and present, both globally and locally.

My love of the subject has taken me to some truly amazing places; over the course of the past 3 years, I have taken several trips to Europe in an attempt to expand my “cultural pallet”. I have studied Renaissance artwork in Italy, metropolitan architecture in France, and extraordinary castles in Austria. My long-term goal is to explore regions of the globe other than the “Western World”, and really to push myself out of my comfort zone. This January I will be taking a service trip to Nicaragua with my family to help with the design and construction of homes in an impoverished village. Someday I hope to chase all of my favorite foods around the globe to experience them in their purest form. These tasks include trying tacos in Mexico, pastel in Brazil, and sushi in Japan. It may seem like a daunting task, but I assure you I am up to the challenge. I ultimately hope to take my skills in education abroad; teaching in a foreign country is my perfect idea of how to pursue my work in the classroom, while immersing myself in a different culture and learning about new parts of our globe.

Since my first visit to Marist, the Hudson Valley has enchanted me, as it has with so many others. Aside from the both iconic and scenic river, the spirit of this location is one that captivates every visitor. I have a professor here at Marist who said, “The Hudson Valley is a revolutionary place”, and I could not agree more. The history of this area is one so rich and deep, it is far too tempting not to delve into, as it is not surprising to me that some of history’s greatest figures have chosen to settle in this location. I plan to further pursue many of these topics here at HRVI, and look forward to deepening and expanding my knowledge through my “nerdy” studies, (of which I could not take more pride in) and sharing them with the rest of my community.

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