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Meet the Intern: Thomas Williams

thomas_williams            Hi, my name is Thomas Williams and I am currently a senior at Marist College. I was born and raised in Suffolk County on Long Island where I attended Sachem East High school. I have two siblings, Brian and Katie, as well as two chubby beagles, Daisy and Heidi. My parents Carol and Tom Williams keep all of us in line and make sure that we are on the right path.  My early years introduced me to my passion for history which I continued after high school graduation. At Marist, I decided to combine my desire to learn History with that of Economics by majoring in both. This has proven to be both challenging and rewarding over my 4 years. In particular I was inducted into the Phi Alpha Theta history honors society for my work. At the same time, I may never get those sleepless nights back.

As a college student, I have been able to balance the difficulty of maintaining good grades as well as a life outside of the classroom. Many of the hobbies that I have are related to my early years during high school. As a kid, during the summer, I participated in organized sports and that passion has never left me. I currently play in both a men’s lacrosse and baseball league to stay active. When the weather gets cold, I go straight to the mountains for some snowboarding, a tradition my father has continued throughout my life. At Marist, intramural sports dominate part of my life, as I am part of both the reigning softball and Futsal champions. Other than sports, I have a strong passion for video games and the aspect of competition that comes with it. Even at the tender age of 22 I still find time to game with my high school buddies. When I am looking to relax I usually choose to watch a history documentary, which either puts me to sleep or draws me in. I find at times that I am enamored by the events of our past being played out through film.

As a college student who is going to be graduating I realize the difficulty in trying to find a job or a career right away. While the journey will be tough I no longer worry about what the future holds for me. As a major in history and economics, I see a unique situation where I can apply the tools I have gained from both majors to my own benefit. While many people are bound by the decisions they made freshmen year I feel I have the freedom to choose my path. I can follow in my father’s footsteps as a financial advisor and implement the knowledge I have of economics and the business world. Or I could choose a pathway towards the field of History, whether it be a job as a public historian or something else. My ultimate goal is to find a career path that enables me to live my life.

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