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The Hudson River Valley Review Autumn 2016 Issue

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Articles in the Autumn 2016 issue:

Re-Imagining American Indians: Tourism in Greene County, 1958-2000, Laurence Marc Hauptman

Extracting the Truth from the Trade: The Delano Family at Home and in China, Shannon Butler

Pictorial Essay

The Carriage “Outlives the Noble Load it Bore”: General Peter Gansevoort’s Phaeton Survives the Centuries, Warren Broderick

Notes and Documents

Thomas Benjamin Pope: Landscapes of Newburgh and Beyond, Chloe DeRocker

The Wetlands of New Netherland, Chelsea Teale

+  New & Noteworthy titles and full book reviews

     The diverse articles in this issue literally span the ages—ranging from a discussion of wetlands in seventeenth-century New Netherland to Native American-themed tourism in Greene County in the twentieth. However, the essays have one thing in common: They shine light on interesting aspects of Hudson River Valley history that have been given scant attention or completely ignored. Together, they also illustrate the various ingenious ways historians can go about decoding and/or preserving the past, examining a single object, poring through voluminous archives, building upon one’s firsthand knowledge.

Who would have suspected that the Wild West Show might lead to a redefinition and reemergence of Native American culture? Or that any carriage, no matter how noble, would survive the centuries while also being immortalized in prose, paint, and film? And while we cannot doubt the innumerable unknown local heroes and individuals of significance that never make it into “big” history books, we can still be delighted to learn about a Newburgh artist, author, and businessman largely unknown today who was highly regarded in his lifetime. It is the curiosity and persistence of our authors, as well as the occasional coincidence, that combine to make this a most insightful and informative issue.

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