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Meet the Intern: Sarah Galante

My name is Sarah Galante and I am a resident of Beacon, New York. I have lived here my whole life and enjoy taking in the beauty of the Hudson River Valley. I am a graduate of the Our Lady of Lourdes Class of 2015, located in Poughkeepsie, New York. In addition, I graduated as a member of the National Honor Society. As of right now I am going into my sophomore year at Marist College. I am a Psychology/ Special Education major with a minor in music. In regards to campus activates, I am a member of the  National Society of Leadership and S

uccess, the Marist College band, Dance Ensemble, and Teachers of Tomorrow. Starting over the past summer, I have been working at the Hudson River Valley Institute on a variety of projects as well as keeping social media up to date for the institute.


Intern Sarah Galante at the Roundhouse on Fishkill Creek.

In my free time I like to dance, play my flute or piano, or read. Since the age of five, I have been studying at Yanarella School of Dance in Beacon. I have taken classes in tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, ballet, and an additional class called “Workshop”, which is a class for advanced students who take the core classes such as ballet, tap, and jazz. This is a class constructed around the interests of the students where they can pick the songs and dance styles that they prefer. I also competed with my dance studio for two years at the annual National Association of Dance and Affiliated Arts (NADAA) Competition. Aside from dancing, I have been playing the flute since the age of eight and I am continuing my studies through college. Throughout high school, I played in the Wind Ensemble band which, is the honors level band, and was a section leader for two years. In addition, I also was a member of the orchestra which accompanied the cast of the Our Lady of Lourdes Theatre Company in their spring musical productions. In the past year, I have started to teach myself piano using basic information books and online tutorials.

After college, I plan to start teaching elementary students, either third or fourth grade. I will also continue on to get my Masters in Education and a Masters in Music Education at some point. My ultimate goal when applying to college was to go straight into a music program and only be certified to teach music. However, after seeing how cut throat the music world was, I decided that it would be best to teach general education in the meantime.



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