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Meet the Intern: Jackson Rockefeller



Marist College was not exactly on my radar when I began the process of searching for my place of higher learning following high school graduation.  Upon my first unofficial tour, Marist was a breath of fresh air because it was the first campus I got to know without the help of a guide or some fancy letter in the mail telling me of all the school’s offerings.  I entered as an undeclared student and that followed me into my sophomore year, which found me with a very defined group of friends yet no clear choice of major.  Call it naïve, but social studies and history were things I considered second nature prior to college so I thought that maybe that would translate well within academia.  Thus, by the end of my second year at school, I became a political science major.

I may not be the most forward thinking person but I am incredibly concerned with what I do in the now.  That may sound cliché but it is a very important part of who I am because in my opinion, time is our most finite resource and as such I do my best to spend it in the most efficient ways possible.  I rarely enjoy free time, aside from the occasional yet much needed nap, I much prefer to be busy throughout the day.  Those mornings that keep me occupied enough to turn into afternoons and evenings without my knowing…those are my favorite.  Hard work is something I see as challenging yet incredibly necessary in keeping a routine schedule and I am a fan of all the various forms in which it may manifest, be it academic busy work or hands on tasks that require more tangible tools than just the mind and a pen.  At the end of the day, I like to consider myself a jack of several trades…I am still working on the “all” part of that phrase because “master of none” is certainly applicable.

If my upbringing in small-town America taught me anything it was to be humble because when I say that the student population at Marist College and that of my hometown of Saranac Lake, NY are rather equal, I do so without hyperbole.  I could easily count the number of stoplights and chain restaurants within my town on both hands and what’s more, my house is a solid 15 minutes outside of said town and another 5 into the woods.  Needless to say my first trip to Starbucks did not happen until I came to Marist, but that is the nature of college…a lot of firsts.  Now as a senior, I relish in the fact that the amenities I missed out on while in the North Country (a preferred nomenclature for northern New York as “Upstate” simply does not apply) are now at the very least familiar to me after my three and half years here.  On a similar reflective note, I consider myself very blessed to come from such unique area while adapting the lifestyle it instilled within me to what I consider a more metropolitan living with the group of people I deem friends and acquaintances.

Make no mistake, the uncertainty regarding my major manifests once again regarding my future after school.  However while I may have yet to discover what kind of job I am suited for, I have an idea of the type of life I would like to have. By that I mean that I want my work to take me places, I want experiences almost more than I want a career because the minute I settle into a cozy desk job at some company with an employer that sees me as a chair warmer…that is when I sell out.  If ever a college student in their early 20’s could make a summation of their life thus far, my attempt would be to describe somebody who perhaps took a more unorthodox approach to getting what they wanted out of life.  I thrive under the notion that perhaps my path is not the most simplistic with the most predictable outcome but at the very least it has gotten me to a point in life where my next move is rather independent of anything I have since accomplished.

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