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Meet the Intern: Caroline Pisarchuk

      I transferred to the college from Syracuse University, which proved to be too MeetCarolinecold and froze me out. I grew up in Massachusetts in a small town just south of the historic city of Boston, near the Patriot’s Gillette Stadium. I am a history major with a concentration in American history, and a fascination with the Roosevelts and the Civil War; I am also a political science minor.

       I am what some would call a, crazy cat lady, as I have 5 furry little kitties that somehow my parents allowed to accumulate over the years. I also have one little dog, a Pomeranian mix, who may as well be a cat. It’s safe to say I love animals. Aside from animals and of course history, my other passion is music. I’ve spent over a decade of my life pursuing musical ventures, playing guitar for over 5 years and piano for over a decade. Most of my family is of European decent, including some cousins of mine who actually live in the heart of France, henceforth I started speaking the language at the age of 10 and continued to study it throughout school.

       Inspired by many of the teachers I had in high school, and some of the professors have had throughout my college career my goal is to eventually become a high school history teacher. I want to be able to do what my teachers did and get kids to think about history from a different and fun perspective. I love being able to teach and explain the story of the past, what connects, and why it all matters. It would be absolutely incredible to be able to influence and encourage students to pursue history the way I was.

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