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Book Review: The Mighty Hudson


The Mightier Hudson by Roger D. Stone

Available for purchase here

Published in 2012, The Mightier Hudson by Roger Stone examines the indisputable revitalization of the Hudson Valley in the past twenty years. Moving from city to city, Stone examines significant landmarks, environmental decisions, and lifestyle choices of Hudson Valley residents which he argues is “resetting” the Hudson Valley. From the Walkway Bridge which has added millions of dollars annually to the Poughkeepsie and Highland economies, to the presence of 178 New York State parks and preserves throughout the valley, Stone maintains that beautiful landscapes and the environment of the Valley are main impetuses for its nascent re-birth.

His optimism for the future of the area is present on every page, and for good reason too. Since the recession of 2007 which crippled Wall Street, entrepreneurs have flocked by the thousands to towns bordering the Hudson River to open restaurants, galleries, and boutiques which coexist perfectly with the awe-inspiring geography of the region. The embrace of this geography and the Hudson Valley environment as a whole, Stone argues, has guided Hudsonians for decades to value nature over industry, whatever the short term costs may be. These investments seem to be paying off, as the Hudson Valley remains internationally recognized as a region with deep history and incredible wildlife.

Although no one can predict the future of the Hudson Valley, The Mightier Hudson offers compelling evidence of why optimism is justified when thinking about what 2020, or 2050 may bring for the Valley. Every chapter convinces the reader that the region is improving, and the residents are the reason why.

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