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Meet the Intern: Dan McHale

danmchale           My name is Daniel McHale, and I am currently a senior at Marist College. I attended and graduated from Marlboro Central High School in Marlboro, N.Y. After which, I matriculated to Marist College in the Fall of 2012 to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. This is my first time interning at the Hudson River Valley Institute, but I’m excited to study the long and great history of the Hudson River Valley, and the changing nature of criminal justice in the Hudson River Valley’s history. I have previously interned at the Law Office of Paul Brite in Newburgh, N.Y. There I worked on several different legal cases involving the fields of civil and criminal law. At Marist College, my coursework has focused on criminology, constitutional law, the theories of criminal punishment, and New York State Penal Law and Criminal Procedure.

I was born and raised in the Hudson River Valley and have lived here for the majority of my life. I have a deep interest in the culture of the Valley, and the importance that it has played in the growth and development of the United States. As an adolescent, I was actively involved in service to my community as a Boy Scout, finishing as an Eagle Scout before graduating high school. After graduating high school, I joined the United States Army Reserve Officer Training Corps. I am currently a member of the Marist ROTC detachment, part of the Fordham University Ram Battalion, which oversees the training of all ROTC cadets in New York City and the lower New York State region. I’ve held multiple leadership positions as a cadet in the ROTC program, and have had the great opportunity to travel around the United States to attend additional leadership training during academic breaks. While studying criminal justice at Marist, I’ve had a particular interest studying and researching the evolving aspects of cybercrime, cyber terrorism, and internet security. I’ve previously been a member of the Marist Ski team, and I enjoy attending the many events that Marist College offers to its student body.

Upon graduation in May of 2015, I will be commissioning in the United States Army as an active duty aviation officer and attending the U.S. Army Flight School in Fort Rucker, Alabama. I am following in the footsteps of my older brother, who is currently an active duty Army aviation officer, and my father who is a retired Army aviation officer. I hope to pursue my career with the United States Army and aviation as long and as far as possible. Upon my completion of my military career, I would like to one day return to the field of criminal justice and attend law school. I am excited to be graduating and starting my career in a few short months, and I am looking forward to all the adventures that the years ahead of me will bring.

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