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Up and Coming from Ken Burns!


Check out this excerpt from  PBS about Ken Burns’ new film premiering in the Fall of 2014!  

“THE ROOSEVELTS: AN INTIMATE HISTORY chronicles the lives of Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, three members of the most prominent and influential family in American politics. It is the first time in a major documentary television series that their individual stories have been interwoven into a single narrative.  This seven-part, fourteen hour film follows the Roosevelts for more than a century, from Theodore’s birth in 1858 to Eleanor’s death in 1962. Over the course of those years, Theodore would become the 26th President of the United States and his beloved niece, Eleanor, would marry his fifth cousin, Franklin, who became the 32nd President of the United States. Together, these three individuals not only redefined the relationship Americans had with their government and with each other, but also redefined the role of the United States within the wider world. The series encompasses the history the Roosevelts helped to shape: the creation of National Parks, the digging of the Panama Canal, the passage of innovative New Deal programs, the defeat of Hitler, and the postwar struggles for civil rights at home and human rights abroad. It is also an intimate human story about love, betrayal, family loyalty, personal courage and the conquest of fear.”

A film by Ken Burns. Written by Geoffrey C. Ward. Produced by Paul Barnes, Pam Tubridy Baucom and Ken Burns.

You can also see him live at the New York State History Conference on June 12th at the Wallace Center. There’s still time to register so don’t forget!

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Meet the Intern: Kim Gomez



Hey everyone! My name is Kim Gomez and I am the newest intern of the Hudson River Valley Institute at Marist College! I transferred to Marist College from Westchester Community College and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Special Education/Psychology and a minor in Technology. I also am a Transfer Peer Mentor for incoming transfer students in the spring!

Outside of school, I enjoy multiple hobbies such as Zumba, volunteering at special needs camps, and even working on the weekends at Toys’R’Us! I enjoy keeping myself busy during the summer and focusing on my academics when classes resume in the Fall of 2014. I am a very motivated student, which led me to my internship with the Hudson River Valley Institute. I first became interested in History during the spring of 2013 when I enrolled myself in History of the Hudson Valley with Colonel James Johnson. History came alive for me when we visited multiple historic sites, some of which were located only minutes from my home in Peekskill, New York. I became active in discussions and quickly began reading up on many topics we covered in class. I even began to visit some historic sites on my own to assist in our midterm and final group projects and even just for the fun of it! Throughout this semester, I became a strong discussion and group leader and it has led me to wanting to pursue a career working with students visiting historic sites with their own class.

Teaching has always been a dream of mine. As I was growing up, I would come home after school to play “teacher” to my own classroom of stuffed animals. My passion for teaching grew when I was given an opportunity to become a teaching assistant at the Early Childhood Center of Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York. I worked with kindergarten children for a full year and each day was a new opportunity to watch them grow and learn. I, too, became a student in my own classroom as I learned patience through trial and error. I look back on my opportunity and the first word that comes to mind is “blessed.” I will always be grateful for them being able to make one of my dreams come true!

I am very excited for this new chapter in my life. I hope to learn more about the Hudson River Valley during my time here and pass what I have learned onto my students. I know how important it is to give students that spark to keep them going and keep them excited about what they are learning, and I know I will be able to do that with the help of my experiences with the Hudson River Valley Institute!