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Upcoming events for July


The Hudson River Valley rarely ceases to amaze. This summer it continues to offer many exciting events for all to attend. From art exhibitions to museum visits, and even day camps for youngsters, the Valley is ensuring that this is going to be a summer to remember. Some of the following are specific events and activities that are happening this July in the local area:

Summer Day Camp

            Starting around July 1st, children ages 4 to 15 can enjoy an incredible experience in their local community. Recreational Day Camp is being offered by the Frost Valley YMCA with great counselors and available bus transportation from select locations. With affordable costs and a convenient location, this day camp is sure to bring in numerous youngster who are hoping to make this summer memorable. Numerous adventures and outdoor fun awaits! Contact info and event details can be found by clicking on the included link.

Iroquois Art

            Available throughout the summer is an incredible new art exhibit in the Iroquois Indian Museum located in Howes Cave, NY. The Museum is offering the “Standing in Two Worlds: Iroquois in 2014”. This new exhibit is a modern look at the history of the Iroquois, primarily focusing on available art work. The artwork explores issues such as environmental issues, the impact of national events on the community and how tradition has been sculpted through this new digital age. Already representing the most comprehensive look at Iroquois art, this new contemporary exhibit will surely bring in many history lovers and art enthusiasts alike.

Organic Photography

Those with a passion for art will find some outstanding artwork on display at The Moviehouse in Millerton, NY. Now through July 16th, a free photography exhibit will be shown that features emotionally moving and inspiring works of art by Francesco Mastalia. In his work, Mastalia explores the Hudson Valley in order to see and document over 100 different farmers and chefs in a trek that nearly surpassed 17,000 miles. The images offered also include short personal narratives concerning each subject and focus on specific farmers and chefs from the immediate Millerton area. A special food tasting from these local farmers and chefs will also be provided, ensuring visitors will have an absolutely phenomenal time.

Raj at Olana

            Olana is one of the most well know site in the Hudson Valley. This summer is continues to offer exciting programs, specifically in its Persian- style mansion. The mansion will usher in a new Exhibit entitled “All the Raj”. The show will center on the relationship of Lockwood de Forest and the Church. The artist was well known for his work as a designer and decorator and provided Indian designs that were extremely elegant. For a change of pace and a look into some historical paintings, sketching and decorations, Olana may be the perfect site for you.

Information provided by and available at the Hudson Valley Magazine:

 – Robert Carreira, Marist ’15

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