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Upcoming Outdoor Events

As we approach spring after quite a long winter, we look forward to some of the great events approaching here in the Hudson Valley. Occurring on Friday April 11th, the Hudson Valley Rail Trail Association will be sponsoring a unique event which includes a nighttime walk on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail beginning from 101 New Paltz Road and continues up to Tony Williams Park. The event also features light snacks and beverages to add to the guided moonwalk. If you are interested in this eventful occasion, registration starts at approximately 7:30PM followed by the commencement of the event at approximately 8:00PM.

In addition the Hudson River Valley Rail Trail Association is pleased to sponsor the Armed Forces Weekend: Run for our Warriors occurring on Sunday May 18th. This unique occasion involves the choice of either a four mile race or a two mile walk on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail starting from 75 Haviland Road and continues up to 101 New Paltz Road. The Run for our Warriors is a great cause in which the donations will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and the Hudson Valley Rail Trail. If you are interested in the Armed Forces Weekend event, you can preregister before March 27th.

And yet another great event slowly coming up is as we head toward the 10th anniversary six day and 200 mile long Cycling of the Hudson Valley bike tour. Occurring from July 29th up until August 3rd, bicyclists of all expertise levels will be participating in this of one of the most scenic river valleys across a route comprising of hills and essentially a terrain that has been carefully selected for optimal bicycling. There will be not only camping accommodations and evening entertainment throughout the entire tour, but also the opportunity for participants to have the abundance of tour options and other wonderful attractions found here in the Hudson. That being said, if you are interested in being a rider or a non-rider volunteer, both are welcome to help out during the ride since there exist many opportunities available for volunteers such as sag and luggage truck drivers, rest stop help, route supervisors, route checking, and much more! More information can be acquired about the event and possible opportunities by calling (607)-423-2769.

-Rosemarie Martens

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