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Meet the Intern: Rosemarie Martens

RoRosemarie Martenssemarie Martens is a junior at Marist College studying History and Adolescent Education with minors in Spanish and Latin American/Caribbean Studies. She has a passion for learning about non-western civilizations. Her favorite classes that she has experienced during her undergraduate years at Marist College would most likely be either Women in Asia or Race and Relations in Latin America. Both classes challenged the analytical categories such as race, gender and class. Rosemarie has always wanted to travel during her undergraduate years and if she had been able to she would have loved to study in Spain or Cuba for a semester or more.

Some hobbies that Rosemarie enjoys include thrilling activities such as playing sports strictly for fun, paintballing, laser tagging, swimming, running, and riding roller coasters. Rosemarie loves playing beach volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, softball, and street hockey; although she tends to not watch sports on television. She rarely watches television in general, but when she does she enjoys watching adult comedy, crime shows, the Olympics or Shark Week. Rosemarie also loves watching and quoting movies that she has seen countless times such as Star Wars and classic Pixar movies. When she has the time to visit home for the weekend on Long Island, Rosemarie loves playing with her two golden doodles Bonnie and Clyde who she calls her bookends since they’re always in the mood to snuggle up with their favorite owner. Rosemarie has difficulty sitting in silence and so she listens, sings and or whistles to country music, indie folk or her all-time favorite band Muse.

In the future, Rosemarie hopes to one day work as a Social Studies teacher at an inner city middle school with a focus on multicultural education. When she is on summer vacation, Rosemarie plans on continuing her part time job at the Christian summer day camp, Camp Alvernia, where she has proudly worked for the past six summers. She anticipates pursuing grad school for Adolescent Education somewhere in New York City as well as applying to teach English as a second language in a Spanish speaking country. Rosemarie also seeks to continue her anti-bullying campaign which she has been coordinating as well as presenting at the Poughkeepsie Middle School during her undergraduate years at Marist. Rosemarie is a passionately driven individual who strives to constantly challenge herself and make a difference to those she comes into contact with.

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