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Meet the Intern: Robert Carreira

Hi everyone! My name is Robert Carreira, and I am a current junior here at Marist College and a new intern at the Hudson River Valley Institute. I am extremely excited to begin interning here at the Hudson River Valley Institute, especially since I am a Hudson Valley native myself!  The majority of my childhood was spent in Granite Springs, a small town in Westchester County, New York, only 10 minutes from the Hudson River. I love the programs, professors, as well as clubs and activities here at Marist that I have been able to enjoy so far.

I am currently majoring in Secondary Education with a concentration in history, as a well as a minor in psychology. I have come to truly enjoy and bond with my various professors, across all the departments. I have been able to hone my literary and higher thinking skills due the excellent classroom environments created by the spectacular staff. Outside of academics I try to stay busy with many on campus activities and clubs. For the past three years I have thoroughly enjoyed playing many intramural sports, both in the fall and spring semesters. These sports have included badminton, basketball, dodge ball, and soccer. I also am a part of Phi Alpha Theta, which is the history honor society and club here at Marist, as the current vice-president. I have been lucky enough to also be a part of Campus Ministry, as well as Teachers of Tomorrow. I have been a Resident Assistant for the past two years, and I am currently in Leo Hall. I have met some of my best friends through becoming a Resident Assistant. The job has numerous challenges, yet overcoming these challenges has helped me mature and become better prepared to be a strong educator in the future.

Some personal interests of mine include TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, The Office, as well as Modern Family. I also have a huge passion for soccer. It has always been an outlet for me and has helped me through tough and stressful times throughout my life. Soccer is also a very intricate part of my culture. My family is Portuguese and I was blessed to spend a small portion of my childhood in Portugal. I am fluent in Portuguese as well as Spanish and I love the rich and unique culture of my family. This background has led to my interest and involvement with the Hudson River Valley Institute. Having grown up near the Hudson River, I feel that I have not learned about its diverse and interesting history. Robert Carreira

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