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OUT NOW – the Autumn issue of The Hudson River Valley Review

The Hudson River Valley Review Autumn 2013 issue

The Hudson River Valley has an illustrious but ironic past. It was the key to our young nation’s fight for independence, yet as a region it has never achieved independence from the political and economic influences that surround it. Our first two articles examine the role that the region played during and after the Revolutionary War in encapsulating and disseminating a national consciousness. The third article looks at how the valley was later shaped, both physically and economically, by the business interests of out-of-state corporations and New York City investors. We present a case study in how historical research can solve centuries-old mysteries in our Notes and Documents, then visit the Madam Brett Homestead, the group camps of the Palisades Interstate Park, and revisit the founding and legacy of Scenic Hudson in our Regional History Forum. Teaching the Hudson River Valley features an adapted panel conversation on teaching future teachers about our state’s history. In other words, it’s a full issue.

You can preview the issue, read the contributors’ notes, Book Reviews, and New and Noteworthy Books online at:

The Hudson River Valley Review is available at select booksellers and museum giftshops throughout the region for $15.00 each. Subscriptions are available through the website at:, or by calling 845-575-3052. A one-year subscription (two issues) is $20.00, save even more by subscribing for two years at $35.00.

Articles in the Autumn  2013 issue:

The American Revolution Remembered in the Hudson River Valley, David Schuyler

“The Unfortunate Major André”: Washington Irving’s Original Ichabod Crane, Terry W. Thompson

The Tontine Coffee House and the Corporate Culture of the D&H Canal, Stephen Skye

Notes & Documents

“Henry Kneeland one of Bergoines troops & defected from Winterhill,” Michael S. McGurty

Regional History Forum

“Care Enough to Take Some Action”: Storm King, Scenic Hudson, and the Local

Citizens Who Saved a Mountain and Started a Movement, 1963-2013

Madam Brett: Her Legacy and Her Homestead

A Brief Photo History of Group Camping and Nature Study in Palisades Interstate

Park, Edwin McGowan

Teaching the Hudson River Valley

Teaching New York State History

PLUS : Regional Writing, Book Reviews, and New & Noteworthy


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