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Meet the intern: Kaitlyn Walsh


Hi all! My name is Kaitlyn Walsh and I am a new intern here at the Hudson River Valley Institute. I am currently a senior at Marist College, majoring in history and secondary education with a minor in psychology. I am from Commack, New York, a town in Suffolk County, Long Island.

Though it is tough to have free time as a senior in college, in my off time I enjoy spending time with friends and going on adventures to new places. My favorite place, since coming to college, has been the Vanderbilt Mansion, where friends and I picnic and enjoy the outdoors together. I also enjoy reading and watching a lot of television. I spent most of my summer watching new television shows that I never had the opportunity of watching when they were popular. Though my all-time favorite show is The Office, I watched LOST and How I Met Your Mother and they quickly became some of my other favorites. At school, I balance my free time working for the Office of College Activities on campus as a Shift Manager, as well as being a part of clubs on campus. At this office, I have met some of my best friends here at Marist College and have learned so much about what goes on behind the scenes to get the students involved on and off campus.

I am incredibly happy that I am able to intern at the Hudson River Valley Institute this semester and gain new exposure to history that I have not yet come encountered with. My hope is that I will gain more knowledge and understanding of the place that I have called my home away from home for the past three years and will be able to explore new sites in the Hudson River Valley. I also hope that I will gain further writing and researching skills that will help me in my future endeavors when I move on to graduate school and beyond. After college, my dream is to teach middle school social studies in a low income area on the East Coast. Currently, I am applying for the program Teach for America in hopes to gain more experience with students who are need a great education and a role model to move forward with their lives. I believe that every morning, going to work, I should be excited and eager to help and change these students’ lives and to make an impact on the person they are and the person that they wish to become.

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