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Meet the Intern: Kaitlin Murphy


 Kaitlin Murphy is one of the newest interns to join the Hudson River Valley Institute team. She is a bright senior, Marist College student, who is pursuing a double concentration in secondary education and history. She is also working towards fulfilling a communication minor in the concentration of radio, TV, and film. Kaitlin is a hard-working, motivated student, whose academic abilities can easily be seen her list of accomplishments; she has been named on the Marist College’s Dean List six consecutive semesters. Additionally, she is an inducted member of the national honor societies Phi Alpha Theta and Alpha Chi. She is also the president of Marist College’s chapter of the national, educational honor society: Kappa Delta Pi.

            Outside of school, Kaitlin’s interests include an array of hobbies from scrapbooking, to working out, to creating short films. However, many of her pastimes center on cheerleading. Kaitlin’s love for cheerleading began when she was in fourth grade, when she first cheered for the Pop Warner team, the New City Rams. Since then, Kaitlin has gone on to cheer for Clarkstown High School South, Rockland Rebels All-Stars, Cheer Mania All-Stars, and Marist College. Throughout this experience, she became a talent cheerleader with strong leadership, tumbling, and stunting skills. However, over the last year, Kaitlin has transformed from a skillful cheerleader into an efficient cheerleading coach. Kaitlin now spends much of her leisure time volunteering to help cheerleading teams rebuild their programs. For example, Kaitlin is currently a volunteer coach for the Poughkeepsie High School cheerleading team, where is working towards helping the head coach construct a well-organized program for her team.

            Upon graduation, Kaitlin plans on becoming a secondary education, social studies teacher. This is a dream she has possessed since she was a little, elementary school girl; she was the seven year old who’s imagination allowed her to transform her toy room into a small replica of a classroom. Every day after school, she went home to teach her own class of students filled with teddy bears and Barbie dolls. This passion for teaching has only continued to grow for Kaitlin. Nowadays, she wants to become a teacher in order to improve the lives of students through education. Her goal is help her students develop a passion for learning about history, while helping prepare them for their futures.

            Kaitlin has decided to become a part of Hudson River Valley Institute team because she believes it will help her become a better teacher in the future. Not only will this internship help her sharpen needed reading and writing skills, but it will also allow her to gain a valuable knowledge about the Hudson River Valley. Since Kaitlin has lived her entire life in this area, specifically in Rockland County, she wants to teach in the Hudson River Valley. She believes that a key to sparking her future students’ interest in history is by helping them discover the important historical events that happen in their community and in their surrounding communities. Kaitlin trusts that this internship will her help develop into a more knowledgeable and confident educator.

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