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Meet the Intern: James Kennedy



 Being raised in West Point, NY, James Kennedy has always experienced the history of the Hudson River Valley throughout his life. He graduated from James I O’Neill High School in June of 2010 with a regent’s diploma and moved to Wallkill, NY shortly after graduation. After taking courses at Dutchess community College for one year, he decided to transfer to Marist College. He is currently studying history at Marist College and trying to pursue a minor in psychology. While studying at Marist College, Mr. Kennedy has been involved with the Marist Veterans Organization and Army ROTC in which he received an Army ROTC scholarship with full benefits.  During his junior year at Marist College, Mr. Kennedy decided to conduct an internship with Hudson River Valley Institute.  After graduation, he will pursue his education in history and focus on establishing a civilian career as a teacher or law enforcement officer. Also, Mr. Kennedy will be commissioned as a second   lieutenant   in the United States Army upon receiving his bachelors’ degree from Marist College.

     Whenever Mr. Kennedy has limited free time due to several reasons such as school or the United States Army, there are lots of hobbies he loves to do. For example, Hanging out with friends or going to gym is his favorite things to do. He likes to go out and socialize with friends whenever possible.  Also, going to the gym and strong physical body core is very important. He wants to work out every day and tries to focus on working out at least two hours every day. He wants to have big arms and chest and understands the only way to get that is working out at the gym. However life is not about working out, it’s about having fun. Mr. Kennedy will do anything to accomplish this and wants to experience life to the fullest.

        In the future, Mr. Kennedy wants to be a cop and maintain a career in the United States Army. The ultimate goal for him is to become a State Trooper or federal police officer while becoming a full bird Colonel in the Army National Guard.  He wants to serve the people of the United States and help protect his community.  However, Mr. Kennedy also understands education is very important and wants to pursue a Master’s Degree in history.  Besides work and the military, he hopes to have a family with two children. Overall, He is ready to be a leader in life and take on the daily challenges that comes with that.

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